The most consistent driver of my life has been to expand my consciousness both outwardly into the vast Universe and inwardly into the deepest recesses of my self. I have tried to do this with the greatest courage in dedication to the truth I could muster in each now as it passes. The understanding I have

Conjuring up a storm over the Grand Canyon!

Conjuring up a storm over the Grand Canyon!

acquired, and continue to each day, makes me less fearful, more awestruck, more aware of beauty and more loving. I’m obviously not a cynic.

My favorite motto comes from the Royal Society of London in the late 17th Century: NULLIUS EN VERBA. This translates into something like “By No One Else’s Word”. In other words: Think for yourself.

As you travel with me around the world, delve into my philosophic and theologic opinions, my understanding of elegantly beautiful scientific ideas, and my own memoirs, feel free to contradict me, correct me, empathize, present an addition to a subject or an entirely different explanation or experience.

I’d like to include a link to a video made by Louie Schwartzberg which encapsulates my own sensibility with which I approach writing in this blog. Press here to see it.

  1. I’m so thrilled to follow your thoughts and experiences during your excursions across our world. What a joy it has been to get to know you; this Blog will be a whole new level of connection and understanding between you and your ever expanding community. Thank you for creating this space!

  2. What a perfect medium to catalog your thoughts, travels and memories. More importantly to share what you have learned from life thus far. Travel is essential to growth whether it’s an internal or external journey. So many people miss this important aspect of our visit on Earth. James Michener wrote, “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.” Keep us thinking Craig.

  3. Thanks, for those super supportive thoughts James and Drew! Drew, I’ve never read Michener actually, and I’ve been intending to. It would make a great audible.com purchase. Maybe on the South Pacific.

  4. Craig, watched the video and I am so grateful to you for sharing it. We all need to be reminded what is really important in life.

  5. ¡Felicidades! Congratulations Craig, I promise you I will read your posts, for sure I will found interesting ideas, as you wrote in the first lines on the top, “you understanding of elegantly beautiful scientific ideas, and your own memoirs…” Thanks for share these. Congratulations in this, your new project.

  6. After reading the review of “The Story od Edgar Sautelle” by David Wroblewski, I’m heading for the library today! Thannks, Beth

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wow. That outwardly
    and inwardly
    is one helluva challenge!

  8. Good job articulating your thoughts. I am easily able to draw a picture in my mind, as i read your entries. I look forward to reading about your future travels, and hopefully I’ll see you in Mongolia in 2014!

    PS I signed up for notifications!

  9. Craig, thank you so much for entrusting to me this site which shares so much of yourself. you make me feel being respectful should be a ‘natural’ when it is so much a forgotten part of our interactions. Thank you for sharing. I now have you on my Favorites and will check in daily to your life.

  10. Craig!

    We spoke on a flight from Paris to Chicago…lost the card you gave me. I’d be interested to follow you travels via facebook as well. All the best!

  11. Amanda and Justin

    Great meeting you on the flight to paris yesterday! Wonderful chatting with you. Running around Paris and loving. Looking forward to reading through your blog and seeing your travels.

  12. Greetings! Very hlpful advice within this article! It is the little changes that will make the greatest
    changes. Many thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Craig – It was very nice to meet and speak to you about travel on my return flight from Paris a couple of days ago. I’ve really enjoyed your pictures and creative thoughtful commentary that accompany them. Now that I’ve retired from the airline industry, I have much more time to traipse around the world. Your pictures are amazing and have piqued my interest into adding some of these destinations to my bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Hey Craig- Nick from the Dallas-London Flight last week (we talked about environmental philosophy near the bathrooms in the back). Have to say I am elated by the content and quality of the blog. So timely for me now that I’m back in school. Two philosophers you might want to explore- Manuel DeLanda, for his integration of science into his materialist philosophies, and Peter Sloterdijk for the way he pulls from the greeks and christian theology to make his case about space. Both take some chewing, but seems like you’ve got good teeth. much love and support for your travels.-nick





  15. I’ve watched his video before, but the message never grows old. Thank you for sharing it.

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