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January, 2006. We started our trip on the Big Island (actually Hawaii) where we spent three days. One of the reasons we went there is that Fabian is a geologist and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see one of the only places in the world where lava is flowing continually, yet unexplosively. This hiking out to the lava fields was the hardest I’ve ever experienced, even without a notable rise in elevation, because there was no way feet could cut a path through the everchanging glassy back rocks. This was espeically true coming back in the dark where you had to keep the flashlight aimed on your feet with each precarious step.  It was probably more dangerous than I was expecting.  At points the lava was literally popping out of the ground around us (see pictures) and I don’t think the guide was officially allowed to be taking us there. He was 21 though, probably thought he was invincible, and he could see he was with a very adventurous group! In any event, we got back safely and now have the memories.  The next day after this we attempted to go to the summit of Moana Kea where the highest astronomical observatory in the world is located at 14,000 feet…this was something that I really wanted to do…but alas, there was a BLIZZARD and the road was closed after we got up to the ranger station. This “stormlover” was thwarted by a storm. Nevertheless, the drive up that far was facinating and beautiful over the volcanic landscape. The last day on the Big Island we drove up to the Waipio Valley. This is home to some of the island’s most beautiful black sand beaches and the “childhood home” to King Kamehameha, the guy who united Hawaii under one rule.

Then it was off to Oahu where we spend six days with Keith, an old friend from Seattle who is working as a firefighter on the North Shore. He was gracious and generous with his time off, which is a lot (firefighters have schedules much like flight attendants). We did so many things…took a trip around the eastern mountain range…Pearl Harbor tour…paddled on kayaks and an outrigger canoe…attempted surfing (I attempted, Fabian suceeded, Keith is nearly a pro) and watched guys practice for perhaps one of the biggest surfing contests in the world at Pipeline Beach. This last thing was the most memorable part of the trip along with the volcano excursion. The waves were fifteen to twenty feet high at Pipeline that afternoon. There were hundreds of spectators along the beach watching, some with video cameras. And on top of it all, the sunset was spectacular.

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